Best secret places in and around San Sebastian

The city of Donostia is full of hidden places that many visitors overlook. Sometimes tourist tours don’t mention them either and it is possible that some of these places may catch your attention. If you are an adventurous person and you like mysteries, in the following list you will find the best secret places in San Sebastian.

Top 10 best secret places in and around San Sebastian 

If you are a lover of the unknown and would like to visit lesser known places in San Sebastian, then you should take a look at the following:

1. Txoritokieta Fort

The Fort of Txoritokieta is a huge fortification on the mountain of the same name. It is located between Rentería and Astigarraga, near San Sebastián, so it is very easy to reach. It was designed by Luis Nieva in 1890 and is currently used as a little known tourist monument of the city. If you like European architecture, then you cannot miss this interesting place.

2. Tximistarri Cove

If you like little known tourist places, then the Cala Tximistarri will be one of the best to see. It is located in Kistobal Balenziaga, Gipuzkoa and is usually a hiking and walking route with a breathtaking view. From there you will have access to the sea and you will feel like you are in an unknown and mysterious part of the city.

3. Mendiola Cove (in Ulia mountain)

The Mendiola Cove is a coastal path located on the cliffs of Mount Ulia in San Sebastian. Generally, its passage is closed, so it is usually a little known site for visitors. Hiking is usually practiced here, due to its mountainous areas, which are perfect for this activity.

4. Polvorín of Urgull or Urgulleko Polboriña

The Urgulleko Polboriña is a Pub & bar located in the old part of San Sebastian and many tourists do not usually hear about it. This is because it is a bit far from the other places of the same style, which gives it a unique and different air. One of its peculiarities is that you can only consume on site, as they do not offer delivery service.

5. Los Frailes Beach (Hondarribia)

Los Frailes beach is located on the slope of the Jaizkibel mountain and is approximately 62 meters long. It can be a great option, as it is a little known beach located in the town of Hondarribia, one of the oldest in the city. It is characterized by its crystal clear waters, so it is often used for diving.

6. San Sebastian – Pasajes de San Pedro through Ulia Mountain

Pasajes de San Pedro is a good of San Sebastian-Donosti that is located in its western part between the port of Pasajes and the Ulía mountain. It has many tourist sites to visit and many times it is relegated by the neighboring town, Pasajes San Juan. One of its best known places is the Albaola factory and the lighthouse of La Plata.

7. Visit to the old water tanks of Ulía

If you want to know a different and uncrowded place, then you can go to the old water tanks of Ulía. These served several decades ago to supply water to the entire city of Donostia. They are located in the Viveros de Ulía Park, Avenida Alcalde José Elósegui 81 and there are usually guided tours from time to time.

8. Aitzondo waterfall (Peñas de Aia)

The Aitzondo waterfall is located on the circular route of the Peñas de Aia Natural Park. This is the highest in Gipuzkoa, with up to 140 meters of waterfall, which makes it an interesting attraction in the city. There are usually excursions along this route, although you have to look very hard to get them.

9. Aiete Palace

The Palacio de Aiete is a renowned 4-star hotel located in San Sebastian and is usually quite frequented. It is distinguished by being in a majestic building reminiscent of a mansion. If you want to visit Donostia in style, this is a good place where you can spend a few nights.

10. Arditurri Mines

To finish this tour of secret places are the Arditurri Mines, an ancient mining complex located in the Peñas de Aia. These used to be exploited long before the Roman Empire until its closure in 1984. Since then they are used as a tourist place where the most curious and less claustrophobic people can visit.

Get to know all these secret places in San Sebastian!

If you are looking for an adventure full of new mysteries and unexplored places, then do not hesitate to visit the places mentioned in this list. These places are usually not frequented by tourists because they are often unknown to them. Now that you know of their existence, you can write them down on your list of things to do and visit on your next trip to the city of San Sebastian.

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