Best villages to visit near San Sebastian

Are you in San Sebastian and want to explore new places? This list of the best villages near San Sebastian can help you find the ideal place (or places) to visit. So don’t wait any longer and join us on this unique tour of the most beautiful villages near San Sebastian.

The 10 best villages near San Sebastián

1. Orio

Orio greets us with an unparalleled setting that combines the warmth of the beaches with the stunning scenery to start this list of the greatest communities close to San Sebastian. panoramic views offered by the mountains. Orio is the ideal village for those looking for hiking and for those looking to relax by the sea.

2. Azpeitia

Azpeitia is another of the greatest towns close to San Sebastian to visit if the alpine climate enchants you. Rich in culture and history, it is home to several significant museums as well as the Sanctuary of Loyola, which honors Saint Ignatius of Loyola, a native of this town. Best of all, it is only half an hour from San Sebastian

3. Hondarribia

Hondarribia is the place to go if you want to see a location that resembles something from a novel. Its central quarter, with buildings reminiscent of medieval times, is usually the centre of attention. Hondarribia also stands out for its gastronomy, so you can also delight your palate (even if you are picky).

4. Pasaia

The seaside village of Pasaia, which is only 5 kilometers from San Sebastian, never fails to enthrall residents and tourists with its breathtaking surroundings. The town has many places worth visiting and boasts colourful buildings with unique architectural designs. One of the most striking places is the Plaza de Santiago, where there are buildings with colourful balconies.

5. Oiartzun

Oiartzun is a small village with a traditional appearance that evokes unique sensations in its visitors. Here you can find unrivalled spaces such as the Arditurri Mines, where, believe it or not, there is at least 2000 years of history. Oairtzun is the place to go if you enjoy exploring new locations and learning about their histories.

6. Getaria

Getaria is a must-visit if you enjoy white wine and seafood. Some people rank this quaint small beach hamlet as one of the greatest spots in the world for food. Do you have any doubts about the veracity of this? Seeing with your own eyes is the only way to find out. Getaria is also an excellent destination because it is a historic site, well-known for being the birthplace of notable figures such as.

7. Zarautz

Zarautz, the ultimate surfing location, is the next stop on our tour of the best villages surrounding San Sebastian. And not for nothing, Zarautz takes the credit for having one of the most popular beaches in the country, with a length of 2500 metres. You can also visit its museums, the Zarautz Museum of Art and History and the Photography Museum, if you prefer more sedate walks.

8. San Juan de Luz

Of course, if the sea and bays are your thing, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a must on your list of places to visit. With its completely Basque-style dwellings giving the town an appearance that few other locations can match, the city is a genuine sight in terms of architecture and landscape. There are numerous places to explore, including the Church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste and the Port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

9. Zumaia

Although Zumaia is a fantastic town in every way, its landscapes are what truly catch the eye. This location offers a stunning vista in addition to its historic cliffs because of its beaches and medieval buildings. Undoubtedly, this is, this is a destination that could not be missing in our list of the best villages near San Sebastian. Oh, and if you happen to travel through this small town, don’t forget to check out the palaces of Zumaia and Ubillos.

10. Astigarraga

Sadly, our tour of the greatest communities nearby in San Sebastian has come to an end. However, we will end on a high note by introducing you to Astigarraga. A place where one of the most representative drinks of the Basque country is worshipped: cider. But Astigarraga has much more to offer; the Palace of Murgia is just one of the many interesting historical sites there.

Visit one or all of these destinations and take home an unforgettable souvenir!

We assure you that each of these towns has a unique quality that sets them apart from the others, so you should think about stopping by one of them on your next vacation.

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