Best patatas bravas in San Sebastian

Crispy and delicious fries, served with an exquisite spicy sauce whose base is composed of tomato sauce. If this description has made your mouth water, surely you can’t wait to find out where you can have a taste. So, here is a list of the best patatas bravas in San Sebastian that will make you lick your fingers.

Top 10: The best patatas bravas in Donostia – San Sebastián

This gastronomic journey will take you to the perfect places to try the best patatas bravas in San Sebastian. If you can’t wait any longer, read on, delicious dishes await you that will make your visit here an unforgettable experience.

1.    La mejillonera

If there is one place that has positioned itself as a benchmark for patatas bravas, it is undoubtedly La mejillonera. A restaurant with a cosy, family atmosphere, which opens its doors so that you can enjoy dishes with a unique flavour. Their patatas bravas are their most praised dish, if you want to know why it would be worth going to try it. Visit La mejillonera in Calle del Puerto, 15, San Sebastian, Basque Country.

2.    Bar cervecería Pepe

In this bar you can find everything, they have a privileged location and a menu with a variety of dishes to enjoy. Numerous diners who have had the opportunity to visit the place say that the patatas bravas are undoubtedly one of the best preparations they have ever eaten. Crunchy, delicious and with that spicy sauce that makes them incomparable. If you’ve been craving them you can go and eat them at De Zumalakarregi Hiribidea, 3, San Sebastian, Basque Country.

3.    Atari Gastroteka

At Atari Gastroteka you can taste the best of Spanish gastronomy. If there is something that stands out in this place, it is its affordable prices, and the charming treatment offered to diners, each of its workers. Atari Gastroteka has a varied menu in which you can find delicious patatas bravas. Some of them are highly recommended by their diners, you should find out why. Discover it in C. Mayor, 18, San Sebastian, Basque Country.

4.    Zaspi STM

The perfect place to share with friends and family. Zaspi STM is the perfect place to taste wines, beers and many other drinks. But it also shines for its exquisite patatas bravas. These, for many, are the biggest stars of the place and have an unbeatable flavour. If you want to try them, go to Plaza Zuloaga, 1, San Sebastian, Basque Country.

5.    Iturrioz

Iturrioz is a small and cosy bar, but big in terms of preparation and flavour. This is what its diners say, who say that here you can taste one of the best patatas bravas in San Sebastian. You might say that they are probably exaggerating, but you won’t know until you go and see for yourself. If you’re up for the challenge, visit Iturrioz at C/ de San Martín, 30, 20005 Donostia, Gipuzkoa.

6.    Monpas

Monpas es de esos lugares que ofrecen un ambiente acogedor y relajado. Un bar/restaurante que es capaz de satisfacer las más altas expectativas. Para muchos, las mejores patatas bravas se sirven en este lugar, y lo mejor de todo es que puedes acompañar con una amplia selección de bebidas y platillos para todos los gustos. Una gran alternativa que puedes visitar en C. Jose Miguel Barandiaran, 10, 20013 Donostia-San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa.

7.    Bar Pika

A bar where you can enjoy dishes and desserts with an unmistakable homemade touch, as well as charming service and attention. The atmosphere is undoubtedly something that captures the attention of all diners. But if there is something that shines at Bar Pika, it is their delicious patatas bravas, crunchy and delicious. Is your mouth watering? Go and try them at Calle, Vitoria-Gasteiz Kalea, 2, 20009 Donostia-San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa.

8.    Maiatza

A restaurant that offers options for everyone, from celiac-friendly desserts to healthy savoury dishes. All in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, for a gastronomic experience like no other. Here you can find some of the best patatas bravas in San Sebastian. And we don’t say so, but the diners say so. Check it out by going to their location at San Bizente Kalea, 7, 20003 Donostia, Gipuzkoa.

9.    Aukera

Aukera is a bar that specialises in Spanish gastronomy, like many others, with a high level of service. Its dishes, faithful to the gastronomic tradition of the country, have a flavour that is unrivalled. A clear example of this is its patatas bravas, one of the most popular. Try them by visiting Aukera at De Felipe IV Hiribidea, 3, San Sebastian, Basque Country.

10.   Drinka

We finish this tour with Drinka, a bar with a fresh and minimalist look. On their menu you will find numerous options, but if there is one thing you definitely must try it is their patatas bravas. Don’t wait any longer and eat a portion of these by going to their location at Matia Kalea, 50, 20008 Donostia, Gipuzkoa.

Ready to taste the best patatas bravas in San Sebastian?

In San Sebastian there are bars and restaurants for all tastes, on this occasion we share with you some of them where you can find the most delicious patatas bravas of the place. Find out for yourself if they really are as good as their diners say they are, we assure you it’s worth it.